About Eden Village KC

Our vision and execution in creating a living environment off the streets and into dignified living.

Eden Village of Kansas City is currently working to revive purchased land, to build a master planned gated community and supportive atmosphere for the chronically homeless. Our future residents will need to maintain sobriety, a steady income and abide by our community standards to maintain residency and once again become a contributor to our great city. We are currently in the fundraising and acquisition stage and welcome your donation towards making the Kansas City metro, a city where #NoOneSleepsOutside.


Behind The Movement

Why are we doing this? How can you be a part of it?

A group of volunteers from Kansas City’s Uplift not-for-profit spend their free time delivering food and necessities to homeless camps around the Kansas City metro area. They had hopes of offering relief to those most marginalized and desperate. They knew their efforts helped, but they knew more was needed. Each night they left the camps and as they headed home to warm comfortable beds they couldn’t help but think about their friends needing to pile cardboard and blankets together, burn candles, and cling to their pets to find warmth and some comfort on those cold nights. The saying “it’s gonna be a three dog night” became the mantra and later the namesake for the original three uplift volunteers and their quest to end homelessness.

Three Dog Night Charities was formed but the name was originally coined by the indigenous Australians meaning the colder the night the more dogs you needed close by to fight the cold. Volunteers TC, Phil and Kerry later called on Katrina and the Schmidt’s to help them to put an end to this cycle and did their research to find an organization born out of Springfield, MO called Eden Villages. Eden Village shared their belief that a cold night without shelter was no way to live. They visited the birthplace of Eden Village and are now working tirelessly to bring Eden Village to the Kansas City metro. Donate today to help build this community for our homeless friends.