Frequently Asked Questions

What will it take for Eden Village of Kansas City to start construction?

We are accepting donations presently, to install infrastructure on the land purchased.

Where will Eden Village of Kansas City build it’s first tiny home community?

Kansas City, KS will be the home of our first Eden Village of Kansas City with 23 homes planned.

How do you become a resident of Eden Village of Kansas City?

Once land is secured and fundraising is showing us a clearer timeline, we will be accepting resident applications for those who meet the standards of chronically homeless. Please continue to watch our socials and check back on our website for those applications to open.

Can I volunteer to help Eden Village of Kansas City prior to the community being built?

Our volunteer needs will be changing as we grow our community. Please email us on how you’d like to help and we’d love to bring you into our efforts on getting a home for our homeless.

How long does a resident live at Eden Village of Kansas City?

Eden Village communities are for the chronically homeless. These persons may never get to the point where they can fully live on their own without the support services we offer. So to answer the question, our residents will have a home for as long as they can keep up their rent and abide by the community standards.

What does it mean to be chronically homeless?

To be considered chronically homeless a person must be homeless for the last 12 months, consecutively or have four periods of homelessness over the last 4 years and have either a mental or physical disability making it difficult for them to maintain a homelife without a support system.

Does it cost to live at Eden Village of Kansas City?

Yes. Our residents must be able to pay $350-$375 per month in rent to pay for their utilities, laundry, activities and resources provided. Income can come from various resources, such as employment, sponsorship, disability check, etc.

When will Eden Village of Kansas City be taking in applications for residents?

We’re likely to start taking applications, summer of 2023. If you’d like to provide us contact information to let you know when we are taking applicants please join our emailing list. If you don’t have an email, please call us and provide your name and contact information that we can keep on file.