Applying to Eden Village

Our resident application has a few convenient options available to best facilitate individual needs. We provide an online application or you can submit an application by mail which can be requested multiple ways.

Whichever method you choose, submitting a thoughtful and complete application will increase your chances of being considered for a place at Eden Village.

Eden Village of Kansas City

Online Application

Resident Application

Our online application allows to submit your information from any device. You will need to upload copies of your photo ID, income verification, and other detailed information.

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Verification Forms

Use these forms to verify periods of homelessness to be upload with the Resident Application.

Third Party Verification Form

Case Manager Certification Form

Eden Village of Kansas City

Mail or Email an Application

Printed Application Packet

The quickest way to get going on your application packet is to simply print the application from our website, complete the form and send it to us by mail or email.

Resident Application Packet

Request An Application Via Email

We can send you a PDF copy of the Resident Application Packet by email. Simply click the button below, and request a packet be emailed to you. You can then print the document, complete it and mail or email it to us.

Request Application

Request An Application by Mail

If you have an address where you can receive mail, we can mail an application to you. This will help if you don’t have email and/or access to a printer.


Submit all applications to or mail to: 

Eden Village of Kansas City
1001 Metropolitan Ave
Kansas City, KS 66103